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Rated 5 Star Leading EHR, EMR “Family Practice Management”
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Electronic medical records (EMR, EHR), accounting, scheduling, prescriptions and more.

Other EMR, EHR software has been created in a very short time or even designed by non-doctors. Health Probe has been handcrafted over 20 years of front line experience with most specialties.

Our commitment to quality and originality means that we go the extra mile to provide tried and true, reliable software built on ONE robust Microsoft SQL database in a single environment.

The trend is away from EMR, EHR only programs linked to separate practice management. True One Click Integration of EMR, EHR, Practice Management, Imaging, Prescribing and Scheduling means no middle-ware linking is needed. Health Probe is the single solution using the SAME data, totally integrated for speed, reliability and dependability.




Get it all for $100 per user per month OR 5 users for only $300 a month subscription.  More users for only $60 per user per month. Subscriptions include annual maintenance. Health Probe EMR,EHR  perpetual licenses may also  be purchased.

Introductory 3 Month Subscription only $250. Use it, learn and see for yourself..

UPGRADE from limited, lesser modularized (unbundled and more expensive) EMR, EHR only programs. Contact us for an upgrade offer..





Health Probe started in 1985! Over 20 years ago. Not only has Health Probe Professional been given the highest rating by Family Practice Management but Health Probe Professional has been rated among the top 5 EMRs (electronic medical record software) on their surveys: Read about the Health Probe Professional EMR, EHR in the Survey.

Don't just take our word for it... compare and research various EMR, EHR, and PHR and their benefits . We are confident you will find Health Probe Professional to be the best!
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Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Accounting, Scheduling, Prescriptions, and More!
Note: electronic health records (EHR) are the same as electronic medical records (EMR). For simplification we always use electronic medical records (EMR).