Do Your Own Research About EMR (EHR) Options  

At Health Probe we encourage you to do your own research about all of the EMR options out there. We are confident you will discover that Health Probe Professional truly provides the most for your money:: a reliable, easy to use, feature rich electronic medical records software package for an affordable price.


Things to look out for when examining the multitude of available EHR.


What you get for the price.
Many EHRs have a very large price tag. However, this does not mean that because they cost more they do more, or have more advanced technology. Health Probe Professional uses Microsoft SQL Server, the industry standard, for its database, and keeps up on all the latest technology: HL7 lab interfacing, 837 protocol, etc.  Health Probe Professional is very reasonable, such an affordable integrated EMR, PM that the feature set alone is worth much more.

How much it really costs...
Some EMR seem like they are a pretty good deal...but when you do the math, they are expensive! Lots of companies out there will have what appears to be a low cost, until you realize that it is per month and after a few years the program has now cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

How easy is it to use?
We can train your office, on-site with your real data, in two days. Many companies will take multiple weeks to train your office...and they might demand that you halt your practice at that time! Don't get caught buying a program that is too difficult to actually use--and won't be used.