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Rated 5 Star Leading EHR, EMR “Family Practice Management”
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Health Probe
phone: 765-346-3332
e-mail to: sales@healthprobe.com


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Health Probe

5693 Bear Wallow Road, Suite 100
Morgantown, IN 46160
phone: 765.346-3332
e-mailto: support@healthprobe.com


Who We Are
Health Probe was developed by medical practitioners for medical practitioners. Health Probe Professional is the innovative and affordable single source solution. Created to eliminate the need for paper with electronic medical records (EMR, EHR). Health Probe facilitates the flow of an office visit from start to finish (see how it works)

Among the initial pioneers in medical records technology,
Health Probe was one of the first to use wireless networking and to send scripts electronically. Staying on the cutting edge of technology and leading EMR, EHR development, Health Probe provides the latest tools you need for your practice such as the CCR for EHR, HL7 lab interfacing, and 837 insurance claims. We strive to continue our excellence of product and service with the feedback of our users.

Choose to empower your practice, choose the best EHR available:
Health Probe Professional.


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Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Accounting, Scheduling, Prescriptions, and More!
Note: electronic health records (EHR) are the same as electronic medical records (EMR). For simplification we always use electronic medical records (EMR).