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All the features listed below are seamlessly integrated in Health Probe Professional.

This is not a comprehensive listing. Contact us for more information.


  • Find/Update Patient Information – find, display, and update patient information quickly and easily
  • Customizable Templates – document your encounters with templates you have built, or use Health Probe's comprehensive pre-made templates to get started
  • Automatic CMS Documentation Rating and Guidelines – no more miscoding visits, be HIPAA Compliant
  • Automatic Encounter Time Keeper – records times spent with patient
  • Customizable Flow Charts – see and post lab results in an easy to use table
  • Vitals Entry – see/record vitals, shows abnormals in red, shows CDC pediatric growth charts, see graphs of values, Calculates body surface area, delivery date.
  • Diagnosis-Order Code Linking – accurate coding based on associations you have established
  • Powerful Order Tracking – view all orders by status, mark status changes, add and see images and comments
  • Separate Insurance Company Benefits – shows orders, formularies, and diagnosis-order associations within the patient’s benefit plan
  • Global Period, RVS monitoring – stay within the Global Period of a procedure and Charge the optimum amount for the visit using RVS
  • Create and track Preventive Maintenance Orders – help patients keep track of future visits and needs
  • Patient Chronic Problem Lists – view/address patient’s chronic problems
  • Chart Review of Nurse Practitioners, Residents Review and automatically mark as reviewed encounters made by NP, resident, PA.
  • Printing Options – prints a wide array of letters and documents: Referral Letters, Hospital Orders, Encounter Information, etc.
  • Voice and Pen Recognition – Along with the mouse and keyboard, data may be entered using pen computers or voice recognition (Dragon Systems® Naturally Speaking or IBM® Via Voice)
  • CMS DOQ-IT Quality of Care Pay for Performance reports are included in Health Probe EMR, EHR
  • CCR Continuity of Care Record exports a synopsis of the chart to other CCR enabled software




  • NO charge per script – other companies charge as
    much as 5 cents per script, this adds up fast
  • Prescribing – automatic Allergy and Interaction
    Check, easy medication management
  • Captures and sends your signature encrypted
    save time and sign the prescription as you are writing it
  • Complete and Accurate Prescriptions each time – eliminate pharmacy confusion and call backs as well as medication error
  • Refill Prescriptions with a click – Reduce patient wait time and refill patient’s existing prescriptions with a click.
  • Easy Medicine Web Reference Search – search the web for medicine information from within the program
  • Electronic or Printable Insurance Claims – separate e-claims from printed claims and run error check for completeness, or send direct with 837 protocol
  • Prints Patient Receipts and Bills – print walk out receipts for patients at the end of the visit or print billing invoices  to mail out
  • Posts Day Ends, Month Ends, and Period Ends – keep track of all your account activities with ease
  • Employee Time Keeper – allows hourly personnel to clock-in and clock-out and automatically keep track of hours worked per day, week and month
  • Built-in Accounts Receivables and Reports – billing system is integrated with the rest of the program to help keep track of your billing activities, and use our many customizable reports to keep track of your money!
  • Schedule by doctor, location, or both – multiple ways to view the same information
  • Print Missed Appointment Letters – No more shuffling through paper to view who missed an appointment. The system does it for you with just a click
  • Multiple Views – see appointments by day, by week, by month, or by patient
  • Overlapping Appointment Checking – no more embarrassing overlaps because you didn’t know an appointment was already scheduled for that time
  • Own and Control your data – no third party server you have no control of
  • Multi-level security passwords – restrict unauthorized access
  • Send Encrypted Email - safe and easy emailing from the program, requires only a standard email account
  • Timed Lock Out – locks program when you walk away from your computer
  • Patient Information Signature Form-Privacy Disclaimer – prints customizable patient privacy form
  • Internet Reference Search - Information at Your Fingertips – get the most current information pertaining to your specialty while you work
  • Search Module – finds patients you want to recall based on multiple criteria (medications, orders, chronic problems, etc.) and create exportable or printable lists, email addresses, and customizable letters
  • More…contact us to find out how Health Probe can meet your specific needs


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