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A sample day using Health Probe Professional.
(The following walkthrough includes screenshots and descriptions of some of the most commonly used features of Health Probe Professional on a daily basis.)

  Remember, Health Probe Professional EMR, EHR evolves and grows as our doctor's needs continue to change and develop. Features are added regularly, without compromising the simplicity and ease of use of Health Probe Professional.      
  The Patient Checks In
The front desk checks in the patient and takes the co-pay.
  Insurance and demographic information is then entered or updated. The patient's current insurance card can be scanned and attached to the patient for easy reference.   person  
  The Initial Patient Interview
The nurse or assistant takes and enters vitals for the patient. A history of vitals is displayed below with abnormal values in red
  Allergies are checked and the chief complaint is entered. (shown on the next screen).   alergy  
  The Provider Sees The Patient
The provider quickly reviews the patient’s medical history, vitals, allergies and subjective complaint before interviewing and examining the patient.
  With easily customizable built in templates, the provider documents the visit real time. The CMS level of visit is automatically calculated and displayed during documentation.  What is needed to reach the next level is also shown.   doc screen  
  The Provider Enters Orders - CPOE
The provider enters the level of visit and orders along with the diagnosis. Powerful associations between assessment (ICD-9) codes and order (CPT) codes make CPOE easy.
  order screen  

The provider orders medications and chooses from sig variations. Prescriptions may be printed, telephone filled, emailed or faxed.

  Patient Check Out
‘Payment is taken; a walk-out receipt with hospital orders or provider instructions  are automatically printed.
  A follow up visit is scheduled in the integrated scheduler.   schedule  
  End of Day
Run the day end and check that all deposits are correct.  Powerful reports mean you know how much is owed from insurance companies and guarantors.  Itemized billing is easy.
  Send 837 or 1500 PIF claims electronically to the clearing house or print 1500 claims. Never easier, Health Probe creates eligible claims whether primary or secondary   same  
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