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Why Health Probe >

When you choose Health Probe you are choosing the future of running a practice efficiently and effectively; you are choosing the best EMR, EHR, PHR available.

Stay organized with a single system. Don't use a different program for every function of your office. Health Probe Professional is a fully integrated system that uses that same database for electronic medical records (EMR, EHR), accounting, scheduling, and prescriptions, and you can switch between them instantly. Download an in depth tour of Health Probe Professional.

Increasing administrative requirements demand more efficiency in the management and practice of medicine. With decreasing reimbursements, the answer is to ease this growing burden by using Health Probe for your electronic medical records (EMR, EHR) and accounting system to leverage your staff and yourself. Save time and money through sophisticated technology
Have you ever lost a patient chart? Never again will you have to apologize to a doctor or patient because a chart can't be found. Never again will your staff spend valuable minutes "looking" for a chart or document in the vast paper blizzard of files and piles. Have information at your fingertips with Health Probe Professional's electronic medical records (EMR, EHR).
Have you "under coded" or "over documented"?
Use Health Probe to assess your documentation as you make your entries, and see what is needed to reach the next level instantly. The time of the encounter is recorded for both you and your assistant. Each of the sections shows the assessed level of visit so you can have confidence in your coding. Substantiate your charges and document medical necessity without excessive prose and fear of under coding. Smart electronic medical records (EMR, EHR) with Health Probe!
Have you, your staff or the pharmacist been unable to read your handwriting? Enter paragraphs with just a few clicks. Use your customized phrases or type free text to create beautiful charts. Even legible prescriptions become real with the Health Probe Script Writer.
Keep the medication logs up-to-date.
No more hunting in the paper chart for the last refills or the current medicines. Health Probe Script Writer keeps a medication log of starts, stops, refills, current meds, when and who started, stopped or refilled and what pharmacy was used for each patient.


Best Choice Product:
Why Health Probe?

Health Probe is the best choice for practices of all specialties. With over 20 years in development, using the Latest Windows, Health Probe is a tried and true solution with an extensive base of satisfied professionals from most specialties.

Health Probe Professional and Personal is the best choice to meet the EMR EHR PHR needs of the modern practice. With solutions for Windows with data at your site or Internet, Health Probe is the single solution for the increasing number of large and small practices who recognize the tremendous value Health Probe offers. Best of all, Health Probe is affordable!
Health Probe is the high quality, best choice for busy professionals who need to document their encounters and capture charge entry in real-time with optimum patient flow. Review how our Documentation Wizard and CPOE computerized procedure order entry features can benefit you and your practice. See for yourself how Health Probe is the most cost effective, feature rich, seamlessly integrated EHR and Practice Management solution.
Health Probe is the best choice for anyone who practices medicine using paper or wishing to upgrade from earlier, primitive electronic EMR, EHR.
Health Probe’s extensive features make it easy to enter and present information in ways that make sense. Two main screens present the most important information. Drill down to dependent information with minimum effort. Sophisticated data capture, DOQIT, CCR, patient history analysis and more, make Health Probe unbeatable.
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Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Accounting, Scheduling, Prescriptions, and More!
Note: electronic health records (EHR) are the same as electronic medical records (EMR). For simplification we always use electronic medical records (EMR)